Project 10 Challenge

Read more about the Project 10 Challenge at the Parklands Health & Fitness Club at Ringwood Hall Hotel

The Parklands Health & Fitness Club has partnered with VI UK Ltd to challenge the staff at Parklands, and the Parkland`s members to the Project 10 Challenge.

This is the world`s leading nutrition programme which helps you to lose weight or build lean muscle, gives meals to local children in need, win £600 and get a free T-shirt.

If you have a goal the Project 10 Challenge can help you achieve it !! In the image attatched Lucinda White from Chesterfield shows what can be achieved, Lucinda is working with us to make this initiative a success, having lost 10lbs on her weight loss challenge.

Our goal as a gym is to donate 3000 meals to local people in need through the Challenge. Accepting the Challenge means you can be part of our goal and help provide a better nutrition for our community.

Visit for more information or call the Parkland`s team today on 01246 284750.

Lucinda loses 10lbs on her challenge
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