Baby Bliss Collection

A new mother & baby massage oil (100ml) will be opened and used for your treatments. You will receive the rest of the product to take home with you; to nourish, soften and promote peaceful sleep for both mother and baby. 

Dreamy Pregnancy Massage
This heavenly treatment incorporates our "fall into dreams" mother and baby oil with a full body massage designed to soothe, calm and relieve the strains of pregnancy. This dreamy massage is for mums to be who are experiencing disturbed sleep, aches, pains and puffiness.
55 Minute Treatment - £69pp

Fresh Meadows Jade Stone Body Treatment
The ultimate cooling pregnancy massage for chest, scalp, arms and legs. Relieve restlessness, cramps, puffiness and heaviness. The revitilising treatment incorporates both a soothing massage with our "fall into dreams" massage oil as well as effective drainage massage techniques with our "fresh meadows" cooling gel. The lymphatic drainage massage uses a cool Jade stone which is linked to fertility, promotes eternal love and calms the mind. 
55 Minute Treatment - £69pp
Watch the video explanation here

New Mums Nurturing Touch Post-Natal Massage
A soothing massage that not only provides relief from post pregnancy aches but also calms the mind and emotions. The "scent of seas" toning serum is applied with delicate drainage techniques to aid removal of excess fluid and added warmth provides much needed comfort.
55 Minute Treatment - £69pp 





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