Lola’s Apothecary Body Polish

These buttery body polishes are your best friends for maintaining waxed or shaved skin. Pink Himalayan crystal salt & raw sugar polish away dead cells, while a fluffy soufflé of shea butter, coconut oil and rosehip CO2 protects and nourishes delicate new skin. Over time in-grown hair reduces as skin texture becomes finer. A must-have for bare legs and silky skin! 100% natural & vegan friendly.

Available in the following fragrances –

Sweet Lullaby - At the soothing heart of this Body Polish is Sweet Lullaby, our 'hug in a bottle' fragrance. People who dislike lavender are often converted by Sweet Lullaby. Its sweetness comes from vanilla and sweet orange, grounded by patchouli, with spicy ylang ylang wrapping an exotic comfort blanket around French lavender. All our 100% natural fragrances are composed of the finest pure essential oils

Breath of Clarity - At the ZEN-tering heart of this Body Polish is Breath of Clarity, our yoga & meditation fragrance. This scent infuses your senses like a fresh breeze, with eucalyptus, rosemary and sweet marjoram at its herbaceous core, uplifted by the joy of peppermint and lemon. Also works wonders for blocked sinuses and aching muscles! All our 100% natural fragrances are composed of the finest pure essential oils.

Delicate Romance - a symphony of gorgeous roses laced with warm spices and uplifting citrus. It's a sumptuously feminine scent that opens with citrus top notes of sweet orange and lemon, leading to a blooming heart of rose and geranium, to be warmly embraced by vanilla, patchouli and sandalwood in the base notes. All our 100% natural fragrances are composed of the finest pure essential oils.

Beauty Tips

  • For best waxing results, use Body Polish the day before to prepare a smooth canvas for waxing. Let your new skin settle for a couple of days post-wax before Body Polish again. Use once or twice a week to prevent in-grown hair and to keep your skin in glowing condition.
  • Indulge in a Body Polish pampering shower before sunbathing or tanning treatment, to ensure an even glow. Wait a few days after sun exposure before using Body Polish again, so that your sun kissed skin has a chance to settle.
  • Our gorgeous Body Polish will transform your mani or pedi into a luxury home spa experience!
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