Unwind the mind and relax the soul

The Vitality Pool
Our luxurious Vitality pool is heated to optimum temperature for complete spa comfort. Relax with friends in the whirlpool element, gaze into the woodland gardens over the infinity edge or simply float your cares away.  

Himalayan Salt Sauna*
The dry heat from our Himalayan Salt Sauna has exponential benefits to the body, helping to reduce inflammation, clear blockages, fight infection, reduce discomfort and melt away tension from the muscles promoting deep relaxation.

Herbal Sauna*
Join us in the Herbal Sauna infused with lavender, rosemary, thyme, sage and lemon grass freshly picked from our gardens with a view overlooking the grounds.

Foot Spas
Reflexology jet streams stimulate the soles of your feet in the Foot Spas leaving you with a complete sense of well-being and total relaxation.

Experience Shower
Immerse yourself in a warm tropical rain or mist with cooling waters in the Experience Showers - you choose!

Blossom Steam Room*
The Blossom Steam Room, infused with heady aromas of citrus essence is sure to help clear your sinuses, open pores and detoxify the body, leaving you feeling uplifted and energised.

Ice Fountain
Finally, invigorate the body and stimulate circulation using handfuls of ice massaged over the body from our Ice Fountain. A detoxifying treat for the brave to stimulate regeneration of the cells.

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