Lola’s Apothecary Queen of Roses Bath Milk 

Our most decadent bath time creations, painstakingly prepared and hand blended in the apothecary kitchen to evoke the beauty queen within you. This luxurious bath milk is a modern British interpretation of Cleopatra’s legendary bathing ritual. Indulge in a creamy, rose scented bath strewn with rose petals and emerge with baby soft skin. With moisturising buttermilk, raw cocoa butter and shea butter. 100% natural. Emma Watson, the beloved Belle, loves this. Her fans from around the world have been known to crash our website trying to order Queen of Roses Bath Milk. It's a labour of love, and we make everything by hand in micro batches - so if you see it in stock here, buy it before we sell out again!

Float away as the Queen of Roses amidst strewn rose petals & emerge from your bathing ritual. Delight in intensely nourished velvety skin, from a creamy buttermilk, shea butter & cocoa butter fragrant blend. Be renewed by blissful geranium, antioxidant rich vanilla clouds, subtle hints of chocolate & soothing yet lavish rose notes.

Be enchanted by your regal rose-scented spa at home & breathe deeply for a beautiful inhalation as you delight in your own aromatherapy cloud.

Inspired by Cleopatra’s bathing decadence & natural beauty, The Queen of Roses arrives as our most decadent bath time creation. Emma Watson, the beloved Belle, adores our 100% Queen of Roses Bath Milk. Her fans from around the world have been known to crash our website trying to order it! It's a labour of love, & we make everything by hand on our picturesque family estate in Devon.

Wellness tips

  • No time to bathe? Dissolve a scoop of bath milk in a mug of hot water. Place at your desk to feel like a queen on days when you have forgotten your crown. Treat yourself to some nice chocolate too!
  • If you're looking for a condensed moment of regal splendour during the day, why not create a truly indulgent foot soak while reading your favourite book.
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